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Healthy Mouth Healthy Body
by Dr. Zeines, Lamas Beauty Correspondent

Your Tongue Never Lies !

Dr. Zeines has been practicing Holistic Dentistry for the past 25 years. Your Tongue Never Lies! Dr Victor Zeines DDS,MS, Dr. Zeines is the author of Healthy Mouth Healthy Body, Living A Longer Life Naturally! , and Your Tongue Never Lies!. He is also a contributing writer for Rodale's The Herbal Drugstore and he makes regular appearances on radio and television. Dr. Zeines practices in Manhattan and Woodstock, New York. He can be heard on HealthRadioNetwork.com Sundays at 1PM Est. For more information go to Webpage: www.natdent.com

Dr. Zeines

Take a look at your tongue. What do you see??? What your looking at is an easy to use roadmap that can tell you a great deal about your general health.

     Your tongue is the most visible internal organ of the body. Because it has a high metabolic rate and a rich blood supply, changes that occur through the system can and are seen on the tongue. Notice whenever you get a cold or the flu your tongue turns white? That’s because toxins are being released throughout your system. Lack of nutrients such as Vitamin B, C zinc and iron all cause oxidation or a change in the cells. The taste cells will change and patients will report a “metallic taste” this means something’s wrong. Your tongue can be a great indicator of your general health.

The Chinese recognize over 200 diseases that can be diagnosed from the tongue here are a few examples
     If your tongue has a border with the edges showing the outlines of the teeth

you could have a mineral deficiency

     If there are indentations or cracks on the surface this could indicate a vitamin deficiency

If your tongue is Yellow, you could be having stomach and spleen problems, due to poor digestion function if the yellow starts changing to green liver involvement is indicated.

A Whitish tongues should not be confused with having a white coating this could be caused by parasites, anemia, malnourishment or this could also be caused by kidney problems, unbalanced hormones, low adrenals. The lack of color is usually due to low or weak blood supply

If the tip is redder then rest, you might want to check your family history for heart problems, or if you frequently have cold hands and feet consider a low thyroid.

Coated tongues are usually found when there is a long-term problem, the thicker the coating the worse the problem. For information on becoming healthier stay tuned!!

For more information about supplements formulated bv Dr Zeines go to Zenenergy.biz/1019.

He can be heard on HealthRadioNetwork.com Sundays at 1PM Est. For more information go to Webpage: www.natdent.com

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